COVID-19 Signage 2021

COVID-19 Signage for Storefront Businesses


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Drive Up

Walk Up


3 Steps to Effective COVID-19 Protocols for Storefronts and Customer-Facing Businesses

1. Eliminate Confusion

Even customers who have been at your business before may get confused with your new COVID-19 procedures. That’s why it’s critical to provide clear instructions, so customers know exactly where to go to order, purchase, and pick up from your store. 

Clear COVID-19 instructions can increase sales and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Pro tip: Share your procedures on your website, Google My Business, and Yelp profiles to help prepare customers and eliminate confusion at your location.

2. Commit to Effective Wayfinding

Wayfinding is an artform. Knowing where to place COVID-19 store signs outdoors and indoors, as well as knowing how to conduct effective crowd control is critical. Directional signage and clear communication will be key to safely managing lines of waiting customers. 

3. Get the Right COVID-19 Signage for Your Needs

The right COVID-19 store signs for your business depend on your COVID-19 procedures. Whether you’re accepting customers at your location, solely doing business through curbside pickup, or allowing customers to walk up to order, you’ll need different types of signage for customer communications, crowd control, or directional instructions. We’ve made it easy to determine which signage options would best suit your needs.

COVID-19 Signage Solutions

Drive-Up Signage Options

These COVID-19 signage options will direct people where to park for in-store or curbside pickup.

A-frame directional signage showing customers where to park


10’ Stadium flutter flag

Pickup parking space designation stickers

FrameWorx Flex – curbside pickup signs: Put your menu on the sign so customers can order and wait in the car

Walk-Up Signage Options

A customer’s experience begins before they step foot in your business. These COVID-19 signs for business communicate your crowd control protocols, maximum occupancy indoors, and order pick-up instructions outside your business.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 precautions in a lightweight printed board.

Wall and window signage to indicate you’re open and to communicate what customers need to do to order

A-frame signs to indicate you’re open, show people where to go for pickup, and show them where they should wait for an in-store experience

COVID-19 floor stickers and signs for wayfinding and crowd control 

In-Store Experience

Assure customers of your cleaning procedure, ensure your employees are safe, and remind customers of your mask and social distancing policies. 

Employee Safety

Custom face masks with logo: Masks should be a reflection of your brand. Give your employees custom-printed face masks for their shifts if they are public facing

COVID-19 prevention signage kits, including transparent shields, floor stickers, and hand sanitizer signs

Customizable transparent barrier solutions: Clear plexiglass barriers that can be customized with messages, logos, or other information, as well as portable roll-up stands where flexible placement is required

Custom face shields for infection control

Customer Safety

Social distancing chair covers

Customizable hand sanitizer station signs: Add your store name, logo, or other unique information to the signs

Antimicrobial copper film for POS system

COVID-19 floor stickers for various floor types

Social distancing signs for high-traffic areas and checkout lanes


Large-format custom displays in any shape or size

Get COVID-19 Signs for Your Business

Increase sales while keeping customers and employees safe with the right COVID-19 signage solutions for your business. Request a rapid quote today to discuss your options.