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Now more than ever, it’s important to provide clear communication to your staff, visitors, and patients to help them remain safe from COVID-19. At Color Reflections, we are your source for any and all healthcare signage you need for your hospital. We provide a comprehensive selection of signage solutions, from temporary hospital signs to rigid substrates and sneeze guards. Whether you need COVID-19 fabricated signs, sign materials or frames, or temporary signage, we can provide whatever you need to help keep people safe. From proper hand-washing and social distancing reminders to caution and quarantine signs, clear communication is vital in maintaining proper safety measures in your hospital.


Color Reflections has been hard at work producing COVID-19 signs for businesses in our community and across the country. With strict policies and procedures in place to keep our employees as safe as possible, we are working tirelessly to supply you with the signs that provide crucial safety information to your customers and your communities. We know the challenges that hospitals and businesses have faced during this unprecedented time, and we are here to help you maintain a safe environment with informative hospital signs and healthcare signage. We also can provide antimicrobial flooring for a temporary healthcare facility.

  • COVID-19 Fabricated Signs
  • Temporary Signage
  • Sign Materials
  • Sneeze Guards 
  • Sign Frames & More 

Our teams are working safely around the clock to create the hospital signs you need. Whatever your COVID-19 signage needs, we are here to serve you. With locations across the country, we can quickly produce your signs and ship anywhere with fast delivery.

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