Social distancing has become a way of life during the pandemic, with experts advising this is one of many ways we can protect ourselves and others. With many businesses reopening and more people venturing out into public places once again, social distancing reminders are needed. With clear social distancing floor stickers  placed prominently on the floor of your business, you are doing your part to help keep your customers safe.

Color Reflections is your source for all your social distancing floor sticker and safety sign needs. Whether you need checkout lane reminders to stay 6 feet apart, or directional signage to avoid crowding the aisles, we can provide any and all of your floor signage needs. Social distancing signs are a great reminder that can easily direct customers and employees to follow safe social distancing guidelines. We have solutions for a wide variety of floor surfaces, with slip resistant options and indoor and outdoor signage.

  • UL Approved and ASTM Slip Resistant Options
  • Short/Long Term Signage
  • Indoor/Outdoor Signs
  • Solutions for Various Floor Types
  • One Step, No Lamination Options Available

Following stringent safety procedures, our teams have been working hard to produce COVID-19 signs for businesses in our communities and across our country. We understand the challenges that businesses have been facing, and we don’t want your signage to be one of your concerns. Our staff is working continuously to make COVID-19 signage, so we can quickly produce your social distancing floor stickers and safety signs and expedite shipping to anywhere in the country.

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