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Opening a new store? Whether it be a Mom & Pop shop or a franchise, your storefront is an extremely useful marketing tool. You need to draw your customers in without standing outside soliciting passerby's. That can be both costly and ineffective. Why not invest in a sign and images that pop and stand out? This week's feature is on one of our clients who you may have heard of, Aeropostale.

Aero is an apparel and accessories store located in nearly every mall and retail outlet across the United States. Pictured you will see 4 different locations. All have the same look and feel as they all target the same demographic, yet they are all different. Two of the photos show two locations at a retail store outlet, one photo shows an Aeropostale inside of a mall, and the last shows a mall barricade inside of a mall of a coming Aero. Color Reflections did all of the signage for each one of these locations.

So, does your storefront stand out in a crowd? If not, Color Reflections can help. Find out how »

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