Lick las vegas

"What to do with all your winnings? We know a great place to start: the Street of Dreams. It's Monte Carlo's shopping utopia, a place where you can find everything you need from that stylish Juicy Couture outfit to designer sunglasses you can wear by the pool as you listen to that one-of-a-kind, mint-condition Sinatra 45. Plus you can get great gifts and souvenirs for all the loved ones you came here to get away from." We have a better idea, head over to Lick for a candy experience you'll never forget!

The Color Reflections Las Vegas team had the pleasure of working with Lick in the designing, printing and installing of all of their graphics that you see in these two photos. Candy can be fun for the kid in all of us! We did a great job of displaying that for anyone and everyone who enters the store.

Killer job guys!