Aramark Dr Pepper Stand 006

It's that time of year when Saturday's begin with football at noon and end with football at midnight. Sunday's start with a last second fantasy football lineup check by flipping on ESPN to make sure none of your players tripped over their dog and broke their leg before the game. For the next 5 months our lives will be consumed with with copious amounts of beer commercials, BBQ sauce stained t-shirts and the good ol' pigskin!

So, what does all of that have to do with Color Reflections? Great question! Many of our clients are directly connected to this time of yeah through various promotional items and displays that we design, print and install for them. Take Dr. Pepper (above) for example. To get into the tailgating spirit, Dr. Pepper wanted to create an interactive display to both keep fans entertained, while showing off their product at the same time. This is what we came up with! As for the Philadelphia Eagles (below), they were looking for a way to spruce up some of their player personnel and boardrooms with some grand format graphics. We think they turned out pretty great!