Are Point of Purchase Displays Effective?

Are Point of Purchase Displays Effective?

Gaining brand loyal customers is a hard sell even with a proven, successful marketing plan. However, if you can encourage customers to stay in your store just a little longer, they might just pick up an extra item or two for checkout. One of the most effective and affordable ways to do this is with POP, or point of purchase, displays.

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What Are Point of Purchase Displays?

You might be wondering what is meant by point of purchase displays. It is simply signage that promotes a product and encourages impulsive buys. Products with signs and displays tend to gain customer notice and are more apt to be purchased.

Here are a few typical examples of POP displays.

  • Shelf Talkers: Affordable signs that appear alongside an item on a shelf or counter
  • Shelf Displays: Colorful displays which have a message or attention-grabbing graphics promoting the product
  • Floor Stands: The most popular stand-alone POP product which grabs attention and has been proved to increase product sales over other POP items
  • Window Signs: Used for announcing sales or new item promotion
  • Endcap displays: Easy for customers to reach and find
  • Banners: Great for promoting high dollar items or products aligned with a theme

Are Point of Purchase Displays Effective?

Point of Purchase displays can be an effective part of your store’s overall marketing plan. In a recent marketing research study by Brigham Young University, an experiment was conducted where several displays with signs were used promoting the store’s brand. A comparative product, lesser priced, was promoted without signs. Data revealed the following:

  • Sales from signs with displays outperformed those without displays by 20%.
  • Regularly priced items with signage outperformed clearance items, without signage, by 18%.
  • Signs which were part of a display drew customer attention and were 70% more likely to be purchased.

Factors That Influence The Effectiveness of Your POP Displays

Many factors can influence the effectiveness of your POP displays. These can include customer traffic flow, placement of the display, the overall design of the signage and, ultimately, the message you want to promote.


When we talk about traffic, think about it in terms of customer flow. How do your customers move throughout your store? Take a few days and watch who comes in your store. How do they travel, to the left or the right first? Where do their eyes go? You will notice a pattern of customer behavior. That is where you can determine what kind of POP signage you might want to invest in, and where to put them.


Place your signage POP’s where customers can see them. If they are in a part of your store that gains little customer traffic, then you will not gain customer attention or sales. Put your displays towards the front of the store, nearer the door or counter. This is especially true if you were to use floor displays.


Vivid colors, bright colors and very short messages are the key to successful POP displays. Interactive displays are also very popular with customers. Say for example, you are promoting a new makeup, why not have a makeup artist positioned along-side your product and signage ready to give a makeover? This interactive combination is sure to be a success.


The message on any of your POP displays should be short, educational and give a call to action. Too much? Not really. Think of the old Coca Cola commercial using the song, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” The message was simple, concise, and short: ‘Drink Coke, be harmonious with the world.’

How Can You Improve The Effectiveness of Your Displays?

How are you keeping track whether your POP displays are influencing customer behavior? If you guessed by analyzing the sale history of the promoted item, then you are right. Increased sales mean an effective display campaign. So what do you do if you want to improve on the sales figures of your promoted item? You must rethink your current signage. Do they appeal to customers?

You need to make sure graphics are bold, bright and with a clear call to action… and interesting. If signs are interesting or entertaining, then customers are more likely to stay in the store longer and pick up that promoted item.

POP displays need to have these ingredients to make them appealing to customers:

  • Vivid graphics
  • Bold colors
  • An expensive feel (no cardboard)
  • A universal message
  • Be easy to set up
  • Be educational, when appropriate

Whatever combination you choose for your POP displays, they all should be professionally designed by an experienced graphics company. They are the ones who will ultimately drive your sales.

As you consider your next in-store marketing campaign, think about how you can incorporate a POP system throughout your store. Color Reflections can help you with all your graphic POP needs. They can take your products and develop a POP display setup that is timely, professional and in keeping with your marketing budget. Contact them today.