Custom Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics

As a large format printing company, the Color Reflections team loves to go BIG. And environmental graphics fit the bill! Also known as “super graphics,” environmental graphics allow your imagination to come through and our designers and printers to shine. These large-scale graphics transform the space and heighten the visual experience for indoor and outdoor events and can be used in a variety of settings. 

What Are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics enhance the space and experience of those around them and are not limited to any form. These super graphics can be murals, floor graphics and three dimensional displays. Environmental graphics utilize color, texture and other visual and sensory components to engage customers, visitors and attendees and create an immersive and dynamic environment. For example, a video game company may want to recreate a scene from the game at a trade show or expo. Museum exhibits can be designed to create illusions, tactile and other sensory experiences. Movie sets use environmental graphics to give the performers something to engage with besides a green screen.

Environmental graphics are highly effective when used as branded marketing materials, retail merchandise displays, wall wraps for businesses or restaurants and more.  Though not necessarily cost-effective due to their size,  they are worth every penny when it comes to transporting attendees, visitors, customers or onlookers to a different world and creating an unforgettable experience. Elements of well-designed environmental graphics include:

  • Large-scale murals
  • Lighting, sound, and scent
  • Textured wall wraps and window graphics
  • Three-dimensional objects
  • Convey a story
  • Establish brand messaging or identity
Dimensional Trade Show graphics - world's largest artic

Color Reflections Can Customize Environmental Graphics

Want to connect with people using environmental graphics but not sure about installation? Not to worry, we’ve got your back. Color Reflections has created custom environmental, or super graphics, for the movie and entertainment business, trade shows, expos, corporate settings and many more events. Not only do we print your entire environmental graphic experience in-house and pack and ship it, but we have a nationwide network of professionally trained technicians we trust and work with regularly that can install your project. Give us a call to start designing your environmental graphics today!

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