Trade Show Displays and Graphics

Custom Solutions for your Trade Show Booth

After a pandemic-induced hiatus, trade shows are coming back and they will continue to be a strong driver of prospects and revenue for businesses. Your trade show booth will be the introduction to your brand for many potential customers, so making a memorable first impression is vital.

The way you present yourself speaks volumes to your prospects. Make your booth memorable by investing in high quality, branded trade show banners, table wraps, tablet stands, backdrops, and merchandise.

All Your Trade Show Booth Essentials in One Package

Simplify your trade show booth displays when you purchase one of our all-in-one trade show booth packages. You’ll get all the basic essentials you need to exhibit excellently. With Standard, Deluxe, and Premium packages, we have something for everyone whether you’re exhibiting indoors or outdoors. 

Indoor Trade Show Booths

If you’re exhibiting at an indoor trade show this trade show season, it can be even harder to stand out from the crowd. Brand yourself with excellent trade show graphics on your trade show banners, trade show signs, trade show tablecloth, even your trade show flooring. Our packages include everything you need for portable trade show displays. 


  • 1 x 6' table cover
  • 1 x 60" retractable banner
    Starting at $399


  • 1 x 8' custom table cover 1 x 30" retractable banner
  • 1 x pillow case fabric back drop with hardware at 8’
    Starting at $630


  • 1 x 8' custom table cover, 2 x 30" retractable banners
  • 1 x printed floor graphics, 1 x 10x10' pillow case fabric back drop with hardware
    Starting at $1,495

Outdoor Trade Show Displays

Outdoor trade show booth essentials aren’t quite the same as your indoor needs. You’ll still need your rade show banners, trade show signs, and trade show tablecloth, of course. But, there’s an additional element to outdoor trade shows: the elements. Don’t worry, our packages have you covered—literally. When it comes to outdoor events, we have everything you need for portable trade show displays. 


  • 1 x 10x10' economy custom printed pop-up tent
  •  1 x 6' flag
  •  1 x 6' custom printed table cover

Starting at $810


  • 1 x 10x10' deluxe custom printed pop-up tent
  •  1 x 8' flag
  •  1 x 8' custom printed table cover

Starting at $1,100


  • 1 x 10x10' custom printed pop-up tent (2 x sidewalls 1 x back wall)
  •  1 x 6' banner stand
  •  1 x 6' custom printed table cover
  •  2 x 12' flags

Starting at $1,225

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Tips for Cool Tradeshow Booth Designs

Stand Out from the Crowd

Trade shows are a great way to get in front of potential customers, but you still have to stand out from potentially dozens of your competitors. That requires you to:

  1. Think big - Your signage has to be seen and read from a distance. Our large format printing will ensure your booth is noticed.
  2. Keep it simple and compelling - Your branding should be consistent and memorable across all of your graphics and displays, and try to keep text to a minimum: tell your story in as few words as possible, and stick to one cohesive message on any single graphic. If the trade show has hybrid virtual components, make sure backdrops and set props are on-brand to keep virtual presenters in the same theme as the rest of the sponsorship. 
  3. Create space with your booth design:
    1. Have a place to enroll in your newsletter or enter a giveaway promoting your products or services.
    2. Have opportunities for customers to meet with executives and connect with your brand on a personal level.
    3. Demonstration areas and displays to show off your product’s capabilities.
    4. Space your trade show booth to adhere to social distancing guidelines and ensure that the booth will feel busy but not crowded (this is a fine balance where you want people to see that you’re popular, but not get intimidated by the crowd).
  4. Think outside the backdrop - Don’t limit your ideas to just a backdrop, think about 3D trade show displays or structures to help draw people to your booth and keep them engaged. If you can think of it, we can print it. 

Wide Variety of Custom Signage for your Trade Show Booth

Explore your Booth Options

In-person, virtual, hybrid, whatever your trade show requires we have you covered. Some graphics and material to consider for your in-person events include:

  • Banners, Flags & Popups - The foundation of most traditional trade show booths, this is a simple way to give your table a splash of color and branding. 

  • Table Wraps - bored with just the regular table skirt? Create your own branding opportunity with custom table wraps. Whether you need a table cloth for a 6’ table or a wrapped standing bistro table for chatting with customers, table wraps are an easy and effective way to brand your booth furniture

  • Tablet Stands - brand your tablet stands and create the perfect area to capture booth leads. Prospects talk to so many people that you’ll want to follow up with them following the trade show. Having multiple branded tablet stands allows prospects to provide their information without having to wait to speak with the booth staff. Giveaways are a great way to get leads and tablet stands encourage self-identification. 

  • Merchandise Stands - don’t forget your materials. Just leaving papers on a table can look sloppy. Make your collateral shine with branded merchandise or collateral stands so that prospects can explore your materials and learn more on their own. 

  • Dimensional Signage - Large cutouts, furniture or even tablet stands help with getting your brand across and can draw a large crowd. 

  • COVID-19 Signage and Products - keep your attendees safe with distancing floor stickers and hand sanitizing stations for both your prospects and your staff at the booth.

Prepare for Hybrid Trade Shows

Hybrid trade shows are becoming increasingly common. Prepare your virtual booth with:

  • Backdrops - keep all presenters and booth staff in brand with a backdrop to use in their remote location. 

  • Dimensional Signage - when you want to create a set rather than just a backdrop, dimensional signage can help take the place of set props and add visual interest to your production.

Find some inspiration for planning a successful Pandemic Friendly Trade Show Booth on our blog!

Ensure Your Trade Show Booth is Done Right

From designing, printing, assembling, and right through to trade show booth installation, we do it all. Our professional installation team will expertly take your vision from concept to reality. 

Our Experts Know Trade Shows and Will Guide You

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