Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeats used to be reserved for red carpet events and press conferences. But in a world of social media selfies, reels, and stories, companies are now investing in Step and Repeat banners for all types of events. These custom-designed Step and Repeat banners create fun photo opportunities that give brands a huge reach across all social platforms and instantly increase brand awareness—for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

No matter what type of event you’re planning or need to set up a presence for, Step and Repeats can leave a lasting impression on attendees. A Step and Repeat is a retractable banner that typically features a repeating pattern of logos or designs arranged in a diagonal fashion. The name “step and repeat” actually comes from the idea of taking a step forward and striking a pose for a picture, then moving on to the next person to repeat the process.

When To Use A Custom Step and Repeat

Step and Repeats are easy to set up and are great for increasing customer or attendee engagement in person and online through social media, website updates or email marketing efforts. Businesses, companies, and more are embracing these large format banners, and they are proving to be an excellent addition to many different events, including:

  • Red Carpet Events
  • Conferences
  • Retail Locations and Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Weddings
  • Museums Exhibits
  • School Functions

We Create Custom-Designed Step and Repeats

Color Reflections specializes in providing premium-quality Step and Repeat banners for your event. Our custom banners are designed around your unique needs and events and come in various sizes and materials. Our experienced professionals will collaborate with you to create a Step and Repeat that showcases your brand and messaging while engaging customers and attendees. 


We take pride in delivering exceptional customer services and outstanding large format printing services nationwide. All of our printing is done in-house, so each of our six locations can design, print, pack, ship, and install your custom-made Step and Repeat on time and on budget! Whether you’re organizing a movie premiere, presenting a new ride experience at a theme park, or planning a concert, award show, trade show, expo or more, Color Reflections is your trusted partner for stunning, branded and eco-friendly Step and Repeat backdrops that will capture the attention of everyone. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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