Custom ADA and Tactile Signage

Make Your Business Accessible for All

Inclusivity and diversity have become more important than ever to businesses. An estimated 13% of the American population has significant visual impairment. Using ADA-accessible signs to accommodate persons with disabilities is not just the law, it’s the right thing to do. Since 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has maintained that everyone should have equal access to resources and buildings, and that businesses must provide the necessary accommodations to make that access possible.


Whether you’re an established business, or just starting out, you need to have a good understanding of ADA requirements, are following the necessary guidelines, and are outfitted with the appropriate ADA compliant signage. Your organization will also benefit by improving accessibility for customers and your employees. Color Reflections offers custom ADA and tactile signage solutions to fit every need of your business.


What is ADA Signage?

ADA signage refers to any business or resource signage that can be accessed and interpreted by those with visual impairments. ADA compliant signage includes the use of braille, raised text, and symbols and graphics. It is used to help the visually impaired effectively navigate buildings and identify key features.

ADA signs are required at every doorway for most businesses. Grade II Braille should be included on all directional signage including the following:

  • Interior and exterior signage identifying building name and address.
  • Navigational signage such as directories, floor and room numbers and names.
  • Instructional signage like entry card swipes, call box instructions or security procedures.

Who Needs ADA Tactile Signage?

ADA and tactile signage make it possible for customers with visual impairments or language barriers to effectively navigate your business space. Adding ADA compliant signage like braille signs, pictograms and universal icons makes your space accessible to people facing disabilities, will reduce insurance risk, and will have a positive impact on your brand by promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

Directional Signage with raised fonts and arrows
Tactile Building signage showing multiple directional signage plates.

ADA Solutions (ADA + Tactile Signage)

Whether you need custom braille signs, ADA restroom signs, accessible entrance signs, or tactile emergency exit signs, Color Reflections offers solutions for all of your ADA and Tactile signage needs. We can provide you with ADA compliant signage for:

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