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Construction Site Graphics

Is your facility under construction, but you don’t want potential customers seeing a bunch of clutter while your business is being remodeled? Look no further! Color Reflections designs, prints and installs construction barricades and construction fence signage of all shapes and sizes. 


Construction signage is a cost-effective way to reach an audience because they are highly visible. Construction fence signs, or fence wraps, are typical for retail, apartment, corporate or other public places. They can be informational, directional or have customized brand messaging that promotes the companies involved in the project, advertises the “coming soon” aspect of the project, or can be sold as space to sponsors or other advertisers. 


As your large format printing expert, Color Reflections can help you choose the right construction signage material for the right message. Whether you are opening a new park in the city or a store in the mall, our barricades will be professionally designed and constructed to keep everyone safe and informed!

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