It’s no secret that conferences are a great way to personally connect with clients, potential clients and other valuable members of your industry. The real challenge for many businesses is finding ways to brand them creatively and effectively so that the end result is a “must attend” event. To achieve this end result, it helps to look take a closer look at what some of the best conferences have in common with their branding.

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When you are looking to improve upon something that you do in business, it always helps to look at others who are excelling for further ideas and inspiration. HubSpot’s INBOUND conference and CES are two great conferences to look at when it comes to branding. Both of these conferences are able to elevate their brands in ways that make major impacts on their attendees.

Specifically, INBOUND launched a visual brand identity. This method utilized a sleek, modern logo design that was prominently featured across the event on signage, digital displays, badges, and other materials. Gray, white and orange were the colors that were used interchangeably among the graphics.

As for CES, they utilized their conference space with some of the most eye-popping branding materials that you can find. You can spot their beautiful large format banners and hanging signs from almost anywhere within the event space. Similarly to INBOUND, their logos are made up of similar color schemes that become instantly recognizable to the attendees.

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of valuable components that can help increase the quality of your conference.

When you are designing your graphics, it’s essential to include all of the necessary information that your attendees need to understand in order to have a great conference-going experience. Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • Make sure you include when and where things are happening within the event.
  • Prominently display your name or logo across all media. It never hurts to remind people of who is running the conference.
  • If there is a guest speaker presenting an important topic, include specific details on the topic and the person who is delivering the message.
  • Map out all of the pertinent information on a document before you design the graphics for your materials. Carefully review all of these particulars with your team so that you know exactly how you integrate these details into all of your designs.

Unique branding materials can help you best capitalize on conference branding opportunities. Below are some examples of some of the different materials that you can use to win over your attendees.

  • Retractable banners: These are portable, lightweight and can be positioned nearly anywhere you want to show off your branding images. 
  • Banner walls: This is a great option to show off a large image on a banner that is easy to set up and easy to move around whenever necessary. 
  • Hanging signs: These signs will help draw the attention of attendees from all across large conference spaces. These highly visible signs are great for pointing your attendees in the right direction for specific areas of interest at your conference. 
  • Large format banners: Utilize the space that you have to hang large format banners. Sometimes, something simple, yet large, is enough to get the wow factor you want. 
  • Custom backdrops: A professionally-made custom backdrop can leave your audience in awe. There are nearly no limits with what you can create when it comes to size, color and materials for a custom backdrop. 
  • Wall graphics: Create a truly special atmosphere by taking over a wall with one of your beautiful graphic designs. 
  • Building wraps: A giant, seamless outdoor wall scale can brand a space as your own. A high quality image of this size is perfect for spreading the word about your conference. 
  • Barricade graphics: These outdoor graphics are great for creating buzz by utilizing the unique outdoor areas that surround your conference. 
  • Floor stickers: Floor decals are great for high-traffic walking areas. They allow you to creatively brand the space right under the feet of your attendees.

Let’s face it, running a conference is a lot of work. But there’s no question that the end results are worth it. Connecting with the business leaders within your sector is a great achievement that can open up new opportunities for your business. Incorporate some of the above-mentioned components to your conference, and you will be well on your way to creating one of the most talked about events in your industry.

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