10 Conference Branding Materials For Events [Ideas Checklist]

When planning for a conference, it’s essential to find a way to make a real statement with your attendees. After all, you want them to remember you long after they have left the venue. How can you make your conference stand out from others? With the right branding materials in place, you can make a lasting impression.

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Why is Conference Branding Important?

Conference branding helps market your business to a wider audience, so your materials need to resonate with viewers. Done effectively, they will help you garner more customers and, hopefully, lead to more sales.

Conference Branding Best Practices

From business cards to advertisements, the marketing materials for your conference should be consistent and form their own brand that is in sync with your organization’s. Your goal is to ensure customers will be able to recognize your event regardless of the medium used to advertise it. Here are some best practices for conference branding:

  • Event Name: Create a unique event name that both reflects your company and the vision you have in mind for the conference. 
  • Website: Design an event website that provides valuable information about the conference. The website should be visually appealing with clean and consistent colors and fonts, preferably in line with the other marketing materials you use. 
  • Social Media: Social media is a great way to get the word out about your event. Rather than just posting about the conference on your company’s main page, consider creating social media handles for the conference itself to help it stand on its own. Make sure any posts or hashtags are consistent across platforms. 
  • Email: On-brand email campaigns are a sure-fire way to generate more interest in your event. Ensure your emails give the most useful information about the conference while being consistent with your brand image. 
  • Materials: Get high-quality print and promotional materials to capture the attention of attendees and to convey your professionalism.

Conference Branding Materials Checklist

Here are 10 conference branding materials that can help make your business stand out.

1. Floor Graphics

These are specially designed stickers that you can use for floor advertising. They are good for directing customers to your area while showcasing your brand identity at the same time.

2. Pull-Up Banners

A pull-up banner comes on a stand that you can set up anywhere in just seconds. You just pull up the banner and voilà—everyone who walks by will be able to see your message.

3. Wall Wraps

A high-quality wall wrap can help you make a BIG impression. These generally cover most, if not all, of a wall. Attendees won’t be able to keep their eyes off the large-format graphics.

4. Building Wraps

These huge wraps cover part of a building. They not only help direct attendees to the right place but also advertise the event to passersby.

5. Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are great for displaying on the side of a building or in the conference area. They can be custom made as large as you need with quality text and images.

6. Glass Treatments

From floor-to-ceiling window graphics to a simple logo design, glass treatments can be used for a variety of marketing needs. Along with reinforcing your brand, they help generate interest from anyone who might be walking by.

7. Swag

People just love free stuff—utilize this fact to your advantage by creating swag bags full of branded goodies. Popular items include T-shirts, water bottles, pens, and lanyards. Plus, these souvenirs can serve as a reminder of your conference long after everyone has left.

8. Badges

Creating ID badges is another good way to show off your brand while identifying speakers and staff members. Be sure to include your brand logo and colors to be consistent.

9. Flyers

A good, old-fashioned flyer is an easy way for you and your staff to break the ice with potential attendees. The flyer should contain the most relevant information about the conference and leave room for an attention-grabbing graphic.

10. Brochures & Business Cards

These are simple marketing materials that shouldn’t be overlooked. Some people won’t stay for the entire conference, and you don’t want them to leave empty-handed. It’s a good idea to have company brochures and business cards readily available (consider setting up a table) for anyone to pick up and get more information about your business.

With these materials, you can boost recognition for your company and connect with more people on the conference room floor. Color Reflections can help you create high-quality print and promotional materials for your event. To learn more, contact us today!