How do you brand an event and resonate with attendees?

When you’re planning an event to get more exposure for your brand, there are many factors you will need to consider first. After all, you want your guests to come away from the event being able to identify what your brand is, what it stands for, and what you can do for them if they become your client. However, you may also want to brand the event itself, especially if it’s a recurring one. Planning the right event will definitely take some clever strategizing on your part to ensure it’s one that your attendees will remember.

Need help with branding your event?

Grand format printing can make your branding unforgettable.

Event branding is a collection of tools that you use to show off your brand with a bang through an in-person event. It’s important to keep in mind that your event should have a brand of its own while at the same time be recognizable as a part of your organization. This may involve using an array of elements, from brand-specific color schemes to unique displays of your logo.

You may be wondering: isn’t throwing an event enough to promote your organization? Not for the savvy business owner who wants to draw more people in to use their services. A branded in-person event allows you to market your event while connecting with potential customers in a way that you just can’t do via digital and print mediums.

To decide on your event brand, you should ask yourself what thoughts or feelings you want it to elicit. about your brand when people receive your invite or when they arrive at the event itself. From the colors you select to the website design you use to advertise your event, every detail matters when it comes to branding.

There are several best practices that you can use to create a notable event brand.

Whatever you choose to name your event will speak volumes about your brand, so it should be carefully considered. The biggest companies in the world understand the significance of event name branding. For example, Red Bull's event branding includes the Red Bull Air Race World Series, the Manny Mania AM Series skateboarding competition, and the Soundclash musical event. What do these all have in common? The events all have names that are dynamic and reflect the energy that the corporation promises with their popular drink. You should take a similar approach when you’re choosing your event name because it is the first thing that people will associate with the affair. It should incorporate your company’s values but also be able to stand on its own as a brand itself.

A website is a great way to advertise your event. You should create a website that’s visually appealing, easy to navigate, and informs visitors of your event brand. It’s important to keep colors, fonts, and logos consistent across the site so that attendees will be able to recognize your brand when they arrive at the venue. Your website should also incorporate key points you want guests to take away from the event. Use the homepage to establish your mission, values, and any other pertinent information. Be sure to incorporate social media buttons to make it easy for visitors to connect with you.

Social media marketing can help you garner a much wider audience for your event. To give it the recognition it deserves, you’ll want to create social media profiles just for the event in question. This will help differentiate your event brand from the regular company brand. Make sure your social media handles, posts, and hashtags are consistent across all accounts. Doing so will solidify your social marketing campaign, ensuring that your visitors are able to locate you easily regardless of the platform you use.

Make your event memorable by using a solid theme across all marketing campaigns for it. For example, if you host an event during baseball season, why not use a baseball theme? Decorate your event with scoreboards, baseballs, bats, and other related gear. The theme should also be present on your website, social media accounts, and any print or email messages related to the event. Unifying your theme in this way will ensure guests can recognize your brand upon arrival.

Most organizations use a strategic color scheme in their marketing materials. It may be tempting to change it up for the event, but this can have a negative effect on your business. In fact, studies show that brand recognition can be increased up to 80% by using a signature color. You want your guests to walk into the venue and know exactly which company they are there to support.

Large-format printing is ideal for utilizing banners and posters to help show off your event brand in a big way. Make sure your colors and fonts are clean and consistent with what you’ve used on social media and your event website. Whether you’re marketing in person or online, you want attendees to be able to associate the colors and fonts to your brand. Use large-format printing to display your event name, logo, and company name, and they’ll be hard to miss.

The best events serve their guests a delicious array of foods. But unless it is a sit-down dinner, be sure to space out the serving of food so as not to overwhelm your guests. Guests who eat too much, too fast tend to leave events early. Make sure to be consistent in your serving of food, but don't stuff your guests.

The right branding materials can help you stand out among other companies in your industry. Here are some materials to consider for your event:

  • Direct mail postcards announcing the event
  • Banners and posters with large-format print
  • Free swag bags for the attendees
  • Lanyards and badges outfitted with brand information
  • Customized snacks featuring your logo
  • Balloons showcasing your company name
  • Branded T-shirts, notebooks, and water bottles

From your website to your banners, there are many ways that you can establish an event brand that will resonate with your attendees. Ready to get your business the attention it deserves? Color Reflections can help bring your stellar brand to life with large-format printing graphics. Contact us today to learn more about our event branding services.


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