How Do You Make an Event Special?

As an event planner, you want every project to be special and to leave your attendees happy and wanting more. Most business people go to meetings, conventions and trade shows on a regular basis and can get bored with the same old thing over and over again. How can you create an event that impresses your attendees and makes them want to come back for more? These tips will help you to create the most exceptional and unforgettable events for your clients’ special occasions.

How can you make your next event special?

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Knowing how to make an event special helps you create an occasion that attendees will remember and share with their coworkers, families and friends for years to come.

  • Know Your Clients: Getting to know your clients helps you create an event that resonates with them. Knowing that you listened to them and took their suggestions to heart will not only endear you to the clients, it will make their event one to remember.
  • Be Creative: Special events have something unique, such as an unconventional venue or exotic food. Anything that is not typical or predictable at standard events will help you stand out from the rest. 
  • Keep it Simple: Keeping your plan simple will help to ensure things run smoothly and there are as few hiccups along the way as possible. You can make a unique and entertaining event without getting in over your head. 
  • Plan, Plan, Plan: An event will not be special if it is not planned out well. Things going wrong, items not showing up in time – these are the things that can ruin an important day. Make sure you have plenty of time, a clear budget and all of the resources you require.
  • Attention to Detail: Make your event special and memorable to your client and attendees by paying attention to detail. Small details, things that might get overlooked by other event planners, are some of the biggest things that clients notice.

Once you have met with your clients, listened to their needs and planned out a basic strategy for your event, how will you ensure that you make the occasion memorable? There are ways to plan and execute an event that will help make it special and a day everyone will remember.

  • Connect with your clients and their attendees emotionally: People remember events that evoke strong emotions. It can be amusement, excitement, awe or surprise. From a motivational presentation to a live band or a performer - whatever the emotion, if people are moved to feeling surprised or excited, they are going to want to tell others about it. They are also going to remember it!
  • Make sure you select the correct venue for your event: You need enough space for the expected entertainment, food or booths, and number of expected attendees. You want attendees to recall the event being a comfortable, easy to navigate space, with things located in logical areas. If possible, select a venue that is unique, like a museum or local club, that attendees will remember. 
  • Tailor the music and lighting to the event and the crowd: Sound and lighting have an immense effect on the mood of your audience. The lighting should enhance the goals of the event – softer lighting for an evening of networking and socializing, brighter for a day of perusing computer accessories and viewing vendor wares. The music should be in the background if attendees need to be able to talk; louder if you want to get their attention. 
  • Colors are another mood enhancer for your event: Bright colors work well in settings where you want to catch your attendees’ attention and get them excited about the day. Business meetings run well with the color blue. It is associated with communication, intelligence and trust. Red is a great color to use for parties because it helps attendees get energized and feel warmth and excitement.

Every event is different, but there are some ideas that will make a day unforgettable no matter what the occasion. Some of the things that might help plan your memorable event include:

  • Have tasty food and a variety of drinks available. A wide variety of food can make walking around a trade show, attending numerous presentations or watching a bridal fashion runway more memorable.
  • Make sure the venue has cell reception! No one enjoys a day where they can’t get on their smartphones. This also makes it easier for your attendees to share your event on social media.
  • Personalize the giveaways and goodie bags – include items people will actually use too! Notepads, pens, cell chargers, jump drives, or other useful swag can tell others about your event after it’s over.
  • Have a photo booth available. Attendees can have a little fun taking pictures and take home a personal, memorable souvenir from the event. You could also link the photo booth to social media.
  • Make sure different areas of the event are easily identified. Have signs for the rest rooms, beverages, food, etc. The most enjoyable events are well organized, easily navigated, and accessible to all.
  • Punctuate your event with surprise attendees with special additions that are not announced ahead of time. At a winter event, bring in a hot chocolate bar where everyone can make their own specialty hot drink. If it's summer, have an ice cream sundae bar with an area for socialization.
  •  Include unique entertainment scattered throughout the event. Things like a caricature artist, retro video games for attendees, live bands or a comedian can make the day more memorable – and more fun.

Planning a memorable event is something every event planner wants to become second nature to them. It involves a number of different steps, techniques and ideas. But if you take your time and use the tips outlined here, you can work your client’s needs and interests into creative and unique ideas that will make their events the talk of their attendees for seasons to come!

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