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How you promote a product in your retail store can make or break its overall success. There are various techniques that strategic business owners use for product promotion. The following guide can help you promote products more effectively, potentially ensuring that you sell more units and increase your store’s profitability.

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Here are some top tips for promoting a product available in a retail store:

Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective—and free—advertising tools at your disposal. Before launching any new product in your store, you should ensure that your customers have plenty of helpful reviews to read, even if you have to recruit reviewers yourself. You can display these reviews on your website and even in your store near the products.

Loyalty programs are a great way to get more customers to return to your store while also promoting your product. As customers earn their points, they will get excited about using them in store for a special purchase. Once there, it’s likely they will see other things that they want to buy, increasing your sales potential. You could even offer “double” or “triple” points on the products that you really want to sell.

Be sure to tie in coupons that can be used with your loyalty program. Customers will love seeing the different ways that they can save.

Large-format graphics can be used to promote different products throughout your store. From floor graphics to direct customers to the new “hot” product to large banners advertising the sale, you can utilize a variety of large-format print graphics for product promotion. These prints use high-quality graphics on a large scale to grab attention to all your top “must-have” products.

Customers love saving money—even a few dollars shaved off a popular product will get more locals to shop at your store over the big-box retailers in the area. The volume potential can more than make up for the losses. Be sure to market the sale well with online and in-store markdown advertisements. It’s a good idea to announce the sale at least a week in advance so that customers can plan to come in.

Social media can get the word out about your product to a much wider audience. This can help small businesses earn more customers who otherwise may not have heard about their store.

Social media strategists recommend maintaining a consistent online presence with all of today’s popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Advertise your products across all these channels and engage customers by asking for their opinions. Don’t forget to post whenever you have special promotions going on so that your customers—your biggest fans—can share the good news with others.

Here are some creative promotion ideas that you can use to get more attention to your store:

Stage key products in a way that will appeal to customers and highlight the array of products that you have available inside. Don’t be afraid to use eye-catching large-format graphics, custom installations, and POP displays to draw consumer attention to the products. Be sure to change up your displays regularly to keep customers guessing what you will promote next.

Consider hosting an event like a holiday party or a class that teaches people how to use a popular product or service. This will bring more people inside your store, giving more opportunity for sales. Done well, the event will also help to improve the customer experience as people get to know you and your store. Positive customer experiences increase the probability of people returning to your store at a later date.

More and more customers are going to stores that support local small businesses. Even if your main product isn’t locally sourced, you can still show your support by displaying local products strategically throughout the store, like near the front door or by the checkout counter. Partnering with local businesses will show that you are committed to improving the community that you live and work in, which will earn you more customer loyalty among residents.

Are you looking for a way to really make your products stand out in your retail store? Large-format graphics can help you advertise while also enhancing the visual appeal of your business, which will help to attract more customers. Color Reflections has a wide variety of large-format print options available. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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