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Do you have a new product you want to advertise this week? Or perhaps your business won an award you want to display for the next few years? Window clings and decals can catch the eye of passing customers and convey them key information, but which is better suited to your store? Learning the difference between window clings and decals can help you make the right choice with your advertising budget.

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Clings and decals are two different forms of visual marketing that business owners use to change the outward appearance of their retail stores. Both types of advertising will help you to draw in new clients who happened to be passing by as well as indicate to your repeat customers that you are open and ready for business.


Window clings are large signs made from plastic film that stick to windows using static electricity. Although, most commonly used in front windows, clings will also hang from some plastic or metal surfaces. Clings typically last for six months’ worth of usage.


  • Reusable: Since clings are made of a durable type of plastic film they can be used again and again. You can move them all over the windows of your storefront or pull them out at special times of year.
  • No sticky adhesive: Again, clings stick to glass, metal and some plastics using static electricity. That means there's no adhesive that you will need to worry about cleaning off of your windows.
  •  Easy to use, apply and adjust: Clings allow you to remove and adjust them easily. You will never have to worry about a crooked sign placement or quickly changing your store visuals.
  • Can be made to any size: You can order your cleaners at any size, shape, or color that you desire.
  • Temporary signage: Clings are so easy to remove and replace. They are perfect for temporary signage. Leave them up for a month, a week, or a day!


  • Not weather resistant, must be used indoors: Clings are lightweight and durable, but they really should only be used indoors. They are meant to cling to the inside of windows facing out or to metal or plastic surfaces inside of stores.
  • Signs may lose their ability to stick over time: Since clings are made of plastic film, some things may lose their ability to stick to surfaces over a long period of time.
  • Should not be used in vehicles: Although clings can be placed in the windows of vehicles, they are best kept in climate-controlled areas.

Decals are large graphic stickers that can last on your windows for a very long time. They are made of vinyl and can stick to metal, wood, plastic or glass.

  • Sales from signs with displays outperformed those without displays by 20%.
  • Regularly priced items with signage outperformed clearance items, without signage, by 18%.
  • Signs which were part of a display drew customer attention and were 70% more likely to be purchased.

Both clings and decals provide different aesthetics for different purposes. Both are great choices for adding a little flair to your storefront. It’s important to figure out which type of visual marketing would best fit your needs.

Clings tend to be best for temporary signage. Perhaps you'd like to advertise your seasonal sales or a weekend event. In both of these instances, window clings would be perfect to advertise to your customers. If you are looking for a more permanent way to enliven your storefront, then window decals may be what you are looking for. They will last a very long time and help you to establish your business brand.

Both clings and decals can help you to achieve your goals of more sales, customer retention, and adding a visual impact to your retail store. Using large format graphics such as decals or clings will give your storefront a memorable appearance that customers, both new and repeat, find appealing.

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