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Custom Wall Wraps

Custom Wall Wraps

Looking for a simple, eye-catching way to advertise your business, event, or product? Wall wraps, or wall coverings, are like decals or stickers for an entire wall, ceiling, or window. They turn a plain, blank space into an attractive advertisement. Color Reflections has installed them in business buildings or institutions, in showrooms, restaurants, reception areas, shops, or classrooms.

Wall wraps are easy to customize and can be trimmed and cut to fit any type of wall or shape and put on a smooth surface or a textured wall. For example, because they don’t require paint, wall wraps can be completed quickly without making a mess. Wall coverings are also easy to install and uninstall and require less equipment than similar options. Color Reflections provides professional wall wrap installation as part of our large format printing services. This combination of benefits makes wall wraps a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking to maximize the use of space.

Developing Your Wall Wrap Graphics

To get started, the Color Reflections printing experts would need to know how large you want your custom wall wraps to be. What are the dimensions? What colors would you like to use? Where are you placing them? Would you need us to install them? These answers help us get an accurate quote for you. With our streamlined process, we not only design and print these wall wraps for you, but we can also go to your location and install them for you.


Installation Process

Due to its easy application, installing a wall wrap or wallcovering is often preferable to the time-consuming and labor-intensive practice of painting or applying wallpaper. But, it’s an effort that requires planning, measuring, teamwork, and safety awareness. First, our installation specialists clear and clean the wall, measure and mark the wall wrap or wallcovering’s position, and use a squeegee to unravel the wall wrap from the center. Then we trim the excess and apply firm pressure on the edges and overlaps.

Color Reflections has years of experience in working with wall wraps and other advanced graphics. We have six locations across the country and a wide range of experience to place at your disposal. Our talented teams can help you realize your vision, no matter how grandiose, using the latest technologies and up-to-date expertise. Whether you need a wall wrap for a trade show or expo, a small or large business, or a special event, we’ve got you covered.

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Commercial And Residential Wall Coverings By Design Pool

Color Reflections has partnered with Design Pool to offer a selection of wallpapers and wallcoverings. With a collection of beautiful, seamless patterns available for commercial or residential spaces, Color Reflections provides access to on-demand printing that passes commercial standards.

The wallcoverings are 20 oz. thick and come in standard widths of 54”. There are also a number of textures available for the wallcoverings. Samples are available for a small fee. It typically takes about 2 business days to receive a wallcovering sample.

Beautify your space with Design Pool wallcoverings. See how these gorgeous, seamless patterns can transform your space in no time.

Your Wall Wrap And Wall Covering Company

Color Reflection is a digital printing company that prints high-quality visuals for clients throughout the United States. This includes big and small projects—from an 8 x 10 print or handheld brochure to a 10-foot wall wrap and beyond! The company is also often sought out to create and print trade show displays.

By partnering with equipment vendors, and then beta testing and purchasing new products, Color Reflections has access to some of the most advanced commercially-available printers in the business. In addition, its small-town family business start and now its national outreach means that its employees share nearly 300 years of combined experience. As a result, Color Reflection produces first-rate and cost-effective prints that are eye-catching, informative, and memorable.

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