Planning Your Office Holiday Party: Decor 101

Dress Up Your Corporate or Office Holiday Party

It wouldn’t feel like the holiday season without a company holiday party would it? Whether it’s a simple office holiday party or a large corporate holiday party that involves clients and business partners, it will take some plotting and planning to get things going. Even if the party seems like a simple in-office affair, there is more to it than a simple time and location. 

While there are a few checks to make on that party checklist as you go through the planning process, the atmosphere is something that should be top of mind. You want your holiday party to be memorable—for the right reasons.

You already know you’re going to throw your annual holiday party, now it’s time to plan for it. While there are some steps you can skip if you’re planning for a smaller in-office holiday party, most of these are necessary no matter the venue. 

Company Party Planning Checklist:

  1. Set a budget. The very first step you need to take involves financials. Without knowing your budget, you won’t know how to plan for the next steps. 

  2. Determine the date. This can sometimes be tricky to nail down, even when planning in-office. The date can be dependent on the executive team members and the venue, so choose a few options that will work. 

  3. Find a venue. If you’re having an office holiday party, you can probably skip this step. But, if you’re planning a larger corporate holiday party, then you’ll need to do some research and venue visits. 

  4. Determine the guest list. Will this be office staff only? Or will you be inviting clients, partners, key stakeholders, etc? You can’t send out the invitations or give the venue a tentative head count until you know your guest list. 

  5. Send out the invites. Evite or traditional paper invitations, you want to make sure your guests are saving the date well in advance of the party. 

  6. Organize the vendors. Venue set, tentative headcount in, it’s time to start organizing the vendors. Hire the entertainment and start planning the food. 

  7. Plan and order favors. This can be a branding opportunity if you include your logo on the gift items. Make sure you’re choosing favors that won’t simply get tossed. Water bottles, mugs, and tumblers are excellent options since they are used so often. But, many small items, both tchotchkes and electronics, can be easily branded and used.

  8. Plan the decor. Theme or no theme, the decor is a big part of the party. Your holiday party decor can serve a dual purpose by creating the atmosphere and guiding your guests to the right destination. 

In order to properly plan the event, you will need to have an understanding of the space you will be working with. If you’re not having an office holiday party, you’ll need to scope out potential venues before making a decision. 

There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind as you walk the space and see how the event will be set up by the venue. Start thinking about how you want the space to look during the party. Where are there spaces for decor and signage? Are the bathrooms difficult to find? The food? The bar? 

If yes, then you’ll want to consider directional signage in addition to the welcome signs and other holiday party decor.

No matter what venue you choose—the office, a nearby bar, an event venue—you’ll need to decorate. You want to set the atmosphere for the party, something that can be particularly important when planning a party in your offices. 

There should always be a welcome sign and a thank you for attending sign, but it will need to go beyond that to give it that true holiday feel. 

Custom Signage

Custom signage and decor give you the opportunity to include your branding throughout the event. It can not only help reinforce your messaging but remind attendees of important company values through a mantra or catchphrase. 

Directional signage is always important. Parking lot and entry displays with signage and banners by the road or doors can help guide attendees to the right location. Indoor signage can help direct attendees to bathrooms or other important areas. Stair riser decals are also an excellent (and memorable) way to provide directions. 

Branding Opportunities

In addition to the party favors, you have opportunities to include your branding throughout the event. If you’re including clients, partners, and key stakeholders as part of your guest list, this is something to consider. But, even if you’re just inviting office staff, there are branding opportunities that can go beyond the venue. 

You can create photo opportunities that add an extra dimension of fun and grow your reach. Step and repeat backgrounds or custom backdrops offer a spot for coworkers and attendees to interact and take fun photos. These can also double as a branding opportunity or a potential space for sponsorships. The added bonus of a backdrop is that you can extend your reach with every share on social media. Consider creating a unique hashtag for the event too.  

Custom Decor for Your Company Holiday Party

More than signage, you need to include more traditional holiday party decor around the venue. Add some holiday cheer with:

Make sure your office holiday party is a memorable experience! No matter the budget, we can collaborate to create something that leaves a lasting impression—and keeps your brand top of mind. Let’s work together on your holiday party decor!

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