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Floor Graphics

You've probably pulled out all the stops while planning a trade show or crafting a dynamic showroom or expo booth. Your checklist may include creative signage, perfect lighting and a welcoming staff. But don't overlook one important asset—where people walk. Floor graphics are a fun way to expose your branding to your audience. Expertly printed, quality floor graphics by Color Reflections can help make your messaging memorable when paired with other components of a carefully curated sales environment.


Valuable Marketing Space

Custom Removable Floor Decals & Vinyl Graphics

Let Color Reflections turn your floors into valuable marketing space with custom floor graphics. They are perfect for airports, convention centers, shopping malls, medical centers and sporting events. They work on ceramic tile, sealed concrete, hardwood floors, vinyl tile, sidewalks and even stairs. Here are some digital floor graphics that can stop potential customers in their tracks.

Better Life Technology ®

We are trained and certified printers of Better Life Technology®. We use Better Life’s Bild® and G-Floor® products to produce amazing and eye-catching floor graphics. Bild® print media floor products are durable, easy to install, 100% solid polyvinyl, and lightweight. They are perfect for point of purchase (POP), commercial and retail flooring, permanent and temporary applications, and much more.

Floor Advertising And Directional Decals

Floor graphics can convey your brand in a myriad of ways. Printed floor graphics can be permanent or semi-permanent, so you can use them to introduce your customers to new branding or logos or add retail floor graphics to mark the changing of the seasons or announce special monthly sales. They are especially useful as directional or informational signage.


Directional decals are good for guiding your consumers to specific areas on your showroom floor that you’d like them to see and has an added benefit of attracting outside foot traffic to your door. They can also help you to gently direct traffic in your store to keep the customer checkout line flowing.


Removable, changeable floor decals can also be used to spruce up an older display area. Even if you choose a non-permanent floor graphic, they are able to last through 6 months of normal usage. They are perfect for high traffic areas that see a lot of customers. They are durable and washable, so your floor will never look dingy or old. Most importantly, they are slip resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about a customer or employee having a slip or fall.

Our Graphics Company Can Bring Your Floor To Life

If you are interested in exploring your options in floor advertising for your business or event, we at Color Reflections would love to show you what we can accomplish together. We have been quietly meeting our deadlines for over 30 years. We are an industry leader who harnesses the talents of diverse individuals who have a combined experience of over 200 years in the graphic printing business. No matter the unique situations that may arise, our team can help you to reach your advertising and marketing goals.

We are a national company with offices serving both the west and east coasts. We can help you with all your large business printing needs no matter where you happen to be located. We will come to you. Plus, when you work with us, you will have access to the most advanced printing equipment in the industry. We partner with equipment vendors and make sure to have the most state-of-the-art technologies to ensure we deliver the best to you. Please give us a call today. Together we can make your graphic printing needs a reality.

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