Holiday Marketing: Your Retail Display Guide

There is something about the holiday season. The atmosphere, the nostalgia…the shopping. It wouldn’t be a holiday season without holiday shopping. And, holiday displays are part of the whole experience. From each window display to each in-store retail display to the outdoor marketing signage, it helps create the holiday atmosphere and draw in the customers. 

When it comes to holiday marketing retail displays, it is never too early to start planning. Stores are setting up for the holiday season earlier and earlier with many showing up before or around Halloween. This Holiday Marketing Retail Display Guide is here to help you build out the best plan of action for your holiday displays. 

It may come as no surprise that the majority of many retail stores’ sales will take place during the holiday season. With so many options both online and in-store, you need to help your location stand out from the competition and bring the customers to you. That goes beyond the online or digital marketing campaigns through email or social media. It also goes beyond the billboards and newspaper ads. 

The atmosphere you provide your customers can make a difference in whether or not they choose to enter your store or make a purchase once there. And, with the amount of spending that holiday shoppers do, your holiday marketing plan isn’t just important, it is vital to your bottom line. 

Did you know that nearly ⅓ of retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas Day totaling $8 billion in sales during the 2021 season? While many do their shopping online these days, in-store purchases are still prevalent during the holidays. Research shows that 46% of shoppers plan their purchases by visiting brick-and-mortar shops while about 70% of shoppers on Black Friday shop in-store and nearly half of all holiday shoppers will shop in-store at some point during the holiday season. 

Contrary to popular belief, holiday shopping doesn’t begin on Black Friday and end on New Years. A Software Advice survey found that 95% of shoppers began holiday shopping as early as October with as much as 45% of shoppers planning to shop in January. So, it is important to start your planning early and be ready to meet the customers expectations and demands once the holiday shopping season begins. 

Don’t just devise a plan of action for the decor, be smart about this. Make your holiday decor do double duty, acting as both decoration and marketing materials. You can tie in your in-store displays with your digital marketing campaigns for even more impact.

Your retail location should set the mood and build the holiday atmosphere from the moment they see your location until they exit post-purchase. That means you need to set the tone from the outside in.

  • Outside Signage. Whether you’re located within a shopping plaza or right on main street, the signage you place directly outside your store will draw attention—so make sure it’s the right kind. 

    • Sandwich boards or A-frame signs

    • Bow flags

    • Sidewalk or asphalt graphics

  • Holiday Window Display. A holiday or Christmas window display can catch the attention of foot traffic or vehicles driving past and bring them into your store. When done right, it can even become a marketing opportunity for your store through the pictures and social shares. 

  • Retail Display. Once you’ve attracted potential customers into your store, you want to ensure the holiday atmosphere continues and drives sales. In-store retail displays can add to the holiday experience while delivering results. 

  • POP Display. POP displays, or point-of-purchase displays, are intended to catch customers’ eyes and entice them into last minute purchases. For the holiday season, you should be stocking potential stocking stuffers and gift cards in holiday displays that can’t be ignored.
  • In-Store Signage. It is not just about the windows and checkout. Additional in-store signage can remind customers about deals and loyalty programs—61% of consumers join loyalty programs for holiday discounts. They can also direct customers to the key holiday items or top gifts. 

    • Banners and flags

    • Floor graphics

    • Posters

It is important to have a plan in place for the big shopping days this holiday season. Planning early can make all the difference. Let’s work together to build out the holiday retail display plan that best suits your needs!

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