6 STUNNING WINDOW GRAPHICS IDEAS THAT TURN HEADS Want to liven up your store without spending a fortune? A window graphic could be just what your store needs to bring in more business. However, choosing the right material, images, and design can be a challenge with so many options available to you. Learning about your

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF POP DISPLAYS? (PLUS 4 EXAMPLES!) With so many consumers using online shopping to make purchases today, brick and mortar stores need all the help they can get to catch their customers’ attention and encourage them to buy their products. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays, like a POP display shelf, are a great

HOW DO YOU PROMOTE A PRODUCT IN A STORE? How you promote a product in your retail store can make or break its overall success. There are various techniques that strategic business owners use for product promotion. The following guide can help you promote products more effectively, potentially ensuring that you sell more units and

HOW MUCH DOES A POP DISPLAY COST? Many companies use POP, or Point-of-Purchase, displays to highlight a particular item they want to sell or or to reel in impulse buyers. POP displays have eye-catching art and a unique design, and can be featured anywhere in a store. Given their diversity, it can be hard to

12 MOST EFFECTIVE TYPES OF DISPLAYS IN RETAIL You may believe that products sell themselves, but in reality clever merchandising makes the difference between them leaving your door and sitting on the shelf. There are many types of visual merchandising displays that are appropriate for different spaces and types of products. From special shelving to

WHY ARE WINDOW DISPLAYS IMPORTANT IN RETAIL? With online shopping becoming people’s preference, stores are working to up their game to attract customers through their doors. Their starting line to garnering attention is in the window display. This is where a store can make their first impression on passersby and entice them to look past

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WINDOW CLING VS. WINDOW DECAL? Do you have a new product you want to advertise this week? Or perhaps your business won an award you want to display for the next few years? Window clings and decals can catch the eye of passing customers and convey them key information, but