WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WINDOW CLING VS. WINDOW DECAL? Do you have a new product you want to advertise this week? Or perhaps your business won an award you want to display for the next few years? Window clings and decals can catch the eye of passing customers and convey them key information, but

ARE POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS EFFECTIVE? Gaining brand loyal customers is a hard sell even with a proven, successful marketing plan. However, if you can encourage customers to stay in your store just a little longer, they might just pick up an extra item or two for checkout. One of the most effective and affordable

10 CONFERENCE BRANDING MATERIALS FOR EVENTS [IDEAS CHECKLIST] When planning for a conference, it’s essential to find a way to make a real statement with your attendees. After all, you want them to remember you long after they have left the venue. How can you make your conference stand out from others? With the right

8 EVENT BOOTH DESIGN TIPS FOR THE WOW FACTOR Events and trade shows are excellent opportunities to get your brand, services, and products in front of the eyes of prospective customers. But with so many other booths, how do you get the attention of attendees? The most successful trade show booths tend to have a

7 EVENT BRANDING TIPS TO ELEVATE YOUR EVENT You’ve been tasked with planning an event and you want it to be a success. You dream of creating the event of the year where attendees describe it as “not to be missed” and “unforgettable.” Your team has chosen a top-notch location, hired the best speakers, selected

WHAT DOES ALL THE BEST CONFERENCE BRANDING HAVE IN COMMON? It’s no secret that conferences are a great way to personally connect with clients, potential clients and other valuable members of your industry. The real challenge for many businesses is finding ways to brand them creatively and effectively so that the end result is a

10 LARGE FORMAT GRAPHIC DESIGN TIPS FOR LARGE BANNERS Nothing brings together a corporate event, trade show, or expo like a dazzling, spectacular banner. Large format graphics are the focal point of major events and are central to event branding and advertising strategies. What’s the design process for a large format graphic and how does