7 EVENT BRANDING TIPS TO ELEVATE YOUR EVENT You’ve been tasked with planning an event and you want it to be a success. You dream of creating the event of the year where attendees describe it as “not to be missed” and “unforgettable.” Your team has chosen a top-notch location, hired the best speakers, selected

WHAT DOES ALL THE BEST CONFERENCE BRANDING HAVE IN COMMON? It’s no secret that conferences are a great way to personally connect with clients, potential clients and other valuable members of your industry. The real challenge for many businesses is finding ways to brand them creatively and effectively so that the end result is a

15 CONFERENCE BRANDING IDEAS TO PROMOTE & WOW ATTENDEES When planning a conference, creating a conference brand is as important as finding sponsors and attracting potential attendees. Without some sort of unique branding technique, your conference may fall flat and prevent the opportunity for a repeat event next year. Though it may seem daunting, your

HOW TO PLAN A SUCCESSFUL CONFERENCE [TIMELINE & CHECKLIST] There are many factors to consider when you’re organizing a conference. All the different tasks you need to take care of can be overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to break them down into small steps so that you’re not trying to accomplish everything all at

HOW DO YOU MAKE AN EVENT SPECIAL? As an event planner, you want every project to be special and to leave your attendees happy and wanting more. Most business people go to meetings, conventions and trade shows on a regular basis and can get bored with the same old thing over and over again. How

HOW TO ORGANIZE A SUCCESSFUL EXPO (PLUS 4 TIPS AND TRICKS) When planning a large event, you may often feel stretched to capacity. However, the process of organizing an expo or a trade show doesn’t need to be overwhelming. There are some simple strategies to keep in mind that will make planning a breeze. If

WHAT IS EVENT BRANDING? (PLUS 3 TIPS ON PROMOTION) Everyone knows that branding is a powerful tool, but not many people know that you can use it on your events. Event branding can make your fun an exciting event unforgettable, but how do you do it? If you’re new to event planning, or if you