HOW DO YOU MAKE AN EVENT SPECIAL? As an event planner, you want every project to be special and to leave your attendees happy and wanting more. Most business people go to meetings, conventions and trade shows on a regular basis and can get bored with the same old thing over and over again. How

HOW TO ORGANIZE A SUCCESSFUL EXPO (PLUS 4 TIPS AND TRICKS) When planning a large event, you may often feel stretched to capacity. However, the process of organizing an expo or a trade show doesn’t need to be overwhelming. There are some simple strategies to keep in mind that will make planning a breeze. If

WHAT IS EVENT BRANDING? (PLUS 3 TIPS ON PROMOTION) Everyone knows that branding is a powerful tool, but not many people know that you can use it on your events. Event branding can make your fun an exciting event unforgettable, but how do you do it? If you’re new to event planning, or if you

11 OF THE BEST EVENT MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Putting together a successful event is a complicated task. If you’ve never organized an event before, the challenges of event planning are even more daunting. Finding the right venue, putting together an event staff, pleasing your event’s participants, and staying under budget might initially seem impossible.Fortunately,

11 Branding Materials For Events You Don’t Want To Forget Branding your event effectively is vital to making a lasting impression on your company partners and sponsors. The more individualized your brand, the more recognizable you are; and the more creative your branding strategies, the more memorable your event will be. Regardless of your budget,

HOW DO YOU RUN A GREAT CONFERENCE? Planning a conference is not for the faint of heart. There are so many details involved, and one misstep can seriously throw a wrench in your event. You’ll need to choose a date, research venues, figure your budget out, arrange for speakers, and be incredibly organized throughout the

10 EVENT DESIGN TIPS & DECORATION IDEAS THAT AMAZE As anyone with a business can tell you, event design takes a lot of hard work, but it’s more than worth the effort. Businesses and organizations need the expertise of event designers to retain, celebrate or entice customers and patrons with parties, celebrations, conventions and more.