Amusement and Entertainment Displays and Graphics

Large Format Printing for Every Event

Color Reflections provides a full range of branding materials and event graphics for permanent and temporary venues. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refreshing the existing designs, we provide the cohesion in design your venue needs.

Through high-quality large format print products, your venue can prepare for any event, seasonal refresh, or exciting new addition. From point of purchase displays, to wedding decor,  to carnival booth design, Color Reflections can make it happen on time and within budget.

Event Graphics and Branding Materials for Every Area

Explore Your Amusement and Entertainment Options

Outside Your Venue

Direct Guests with Display Graphics and Materials

  • Parking lot displays. Direct guests with prominent banners, point of purchase displays, barricade covers, and more 
  • Highway signage. Prominently advertise your event and direct guests with custom signage for temporary/traveling shows
  • Entry displays. Remind customers to be prepared with cash, ID, tickets, etc. once they reach the entrance
  • Shuttle stop displays. Control the crowds with barricade covers, street graphics, and wall graphics
  • Maps and wayfinding assistance. Prevent guests from getting lost with durable large format print product
  • Accessibility area signage. Make sure your differently-abled guests know where to go for assistance

Transform Any Area Into Information, Assistance, or Ticketing Booths

  • Customized event tents. Consistent design in your branding materials with customized tents
  • Customized tablecloths. Cool trade show booth design or ticket booth design with customized tablecloths

inside Your Venue

Manage Lines and Guest Expectations

  • Sidewalk graphics and banners. Define spaces and help identify special areas
  • Upsells and other offers. Eye-catching graphics and banners can help to push upsells and additional offers
  • Set expectations. Signs and banners displaying line time expectation, ride height requirements, or number of tickets needed can limit guest frustration 

Ensure Guests Have All the Information

  • Policy reminders. Ensure guests are aware of policies and guidelines while they are inside your venue
  • Display restrictions. Enforce age restrictions, monetary restrictions (cash only), and more
  • Venue maps. Show guests where to go with maps of the venue, rides, and more
  • Schedule signage. Prominently display event schedules and show times so guests don’t miss out

Clearly Define Spaces with Custom Tents 

  • Customized tents provide easy branding and displays for surge weekends, event sponsor booths, concessions, or event merchandise

Promote Guest Engagement with FOMO

  • Increase social sharing with special giveaways, event or venue hashtags, QR codes, and more

Durable Displays Inside and Out

We Consider All Conditions So You Don’t Have To

Ensure your signage will last with high-quality materials suited to your needs. Questions you need to ask:

  • Is this signage for indoor or outdoor use? Outdoor signage needs to be more durable to stand up to heat, cold, rain, snow, and sun damage. Indoor graphics have different wear to worry about.
  • How frequently will you need signage? Seasonally? Weekly? Yearly?
  • Will this only need to last a season or decades? Length of use will help determine materials.
  • Do we need to make the signage last or can it be recycled? Sustainability matters to the environment and your bottom line.

Inspiring Amusement Entertainment Examples

Inspiring Amusement and Entertainment Examples

See Color Reflection's High-Quality Event Graphics in Action!

Trade Show Booth Design at Philly Festival

Trade Show Banner Design at MTV Spring Break

Event Graphics at Gillette Concert

Professional Installation Services

We Unpack, Assemble, and Safely Display Your Designs

Color Reflections prints, delivers, and installs to ensure that everything looks perfect and is done to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our Experts Know Amusement & Entertainment Venues and Will Guide You

We can’t wait to hear about your project—and how we can help. Get in touch with our team of specialists today and let’s get started!