During the current pandemic, we are all focused on the prevention of COVID-19. In order to keep ourselves, our families, and others safe and well, we are reminded of the importance of wearing masks, social distancing, and proper hand-washing. As we transition from stay-at-home orders and quarantine to more businesses opening and more people venturing out into public places, the importance of safe practices during COVID-19 is more important than ever.

Color Reflections has COVID-19 prevention signage kits available, including Stop The Spread posters and hand washing signs,  to help you keep your business environment safe. Our team is here to help you determine which signs are suitable for your COVID-19 needs. We have a variety of COVID-19 signs available, from lightweight, free-standing FABframes to decals for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our signs can be printed on easily mountable rigid material, or on easy-apply removable vinyl for glass surfaces. Whatever your COVID prevention signage needs are, we can work with you to customize your order.

  • COVID-19 Fabricated Signs
  • Hand Washing Posters
  • Hand Sanitizer Displays
  • Temporary Signage
  • Sign Materials
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Protection Barriers
  • Sign Frames & More

At Color Reflections, our team is working around the clock to produce Stop The Spread Posters and hand washing signs to help businesses in our community and around the country to protect their employees and their customers. Our staff is working under rigorous guidelines and procedures to ensure their safety. We know the difficulties businesses everywhere have been facing during this pandemic, and we want to help ease some of your concerns by providing the signage you need to keep your business running safely. We can quickly produce the hand washing signs and Stop The Spread posters you need, and expedite shipping to anywhere in the country.

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