Getting Out the Vote With Our RBG Banner Project

The Northern Liberties offices of Color Reflections in Philly has a new addition.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg banner on a building

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a watershed event for our country, so we at Color Reflections decided to honor her work and emphasize the importance of voting in the way most natural to us: through art.

We created a large, outdoor banner made of vinyl mesh with welded hems, complete with a portrait of RBG herself at its center. The banner is full of slogans emphasizing the importance of unity and the value of every person in our country. Our banner is a statement against the hate, divisiveness, and violence we can see and experience today. It’s also a reminder that we can enact change by making the choice to vote on the issues that keep our nation divided.

After a positive response to the banner, we’ve created 4 X 8 replicas for those who also wanted to spread our message. We at Color Reflections urge you to do your part to heal our divides and vote.